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Pilot and aircraft engineer EASA approved training courses.


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Why Choose Us ?
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    Guaranteed Cost:
    All our quoted offers are ALL-INCLUSIVE. What we quote  will be your total cost until you receive your license/rating in your hands
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    Innovative training solutions:
    We utilize innovative training solutions and platforms to offer affordable, comprehensive and enjoyable learning programmes
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    Attention to detail:
    We deliberately keep our classes small so we can offer personalized attention to each and every student
More Information ?

If there is one statement to describe us and the reason why we are involved in aviation, then this is it.

Among us there’s a lot of experience in all kinds of aircraft, single-engine, multi-engine, tail-wheel, turbo-props and jets. Many of those hours have been logged whilst giving instruction to other fellow aviation enthusiasts, either for their private or professional licences.

We simply love flying.

  • I personally find Nemax to be one of the best PPL Schools in Cyprus. Their prices are the most competitive than others and also their aircraft "Tecnam" are the newest and the safest on the Island. Additionally, the most important factor for me is the warm welcome from the Staff, but also their support on anything that I ask of them.Those are few of the best values of Nemax Flight Training.

    George Kouzaris
    PPL/ CPL Holder+ Hour builder
  • Nemax is a new and innovative flight school that actually offers what it says. It has excellent service within a very friendly environment where students, instructors and even aviation enthusiasts can enjoy the airport with a coffee and a lot of experiences being shared between the members.

    Demetris Papakyriacou
    PPL Holder, Hour Builder
  • Nemax Pilot Training offered me a chance to make my dream come true. I found Nemax one year ago and they offered me a chance to experience the feeling of flying. Since then everyone is helping me to achieve my goals and aim high in my life. The flight and ground instructors gave me the knowledge needed to do that and are still guiding me to continue and have a successful career. With their help I achieved things that I never thought I would. They are always there for me not only as my flight instructors but as my friends as well, and I cant thank them enough for that. In Nemax we are all a family and this family is growing over the years. If you want to experience the feeling of flying, then Nemax is the place to go.

    Paraskevas Antoniou
    PPL Student
  • Choosing Nemax to gain my PPL is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Nearly new aircraft, great instructors, very professional but a fun bunch to be with. Thought that an International Airport would be scary to learn at but the instruction given soon dispelled that notion. Would highly recommend Nemax to anybody looking to learn to fly plus the weather is great!!

    Stephen Taylor
    PPL Holder