Pilot Training
Pilot Training

Here is how it works: To be able to fly an aeroplane by yourself, you need to obtain the Private Pilot’s Licence. This licence entitles you to take a friend (or two), hire an aeroplane and soar up in the European skies. The following list shows you the relevant details:

Private Pilot’s Licence Required Steps:

  1. Medical Certificate

    To fly you have to be fit. You also have to have a medical certificate proving that you are fit. Therefore, the first step in learning to fly is getting a check-up. We will take care of the booking, paperwork e.t.c. and assist you through this simple process.

  2. Ground Training

    Knowledge is the key to ensuring your safety and the safety of your passengers in the air. The required ground school will give you the necessary knowledge and tools to enjoy your time in the air safely. You will get a basic knowledge in all areas involved in aviation: principles of flight (how does the aeroplane fly), meteorology (how the weather affects flying), air law (what are the laws involved in flying), human performance (how our body works in relation to aviation) and navigation and flight planning (how to plan a flight from point A to point B and not end up in point C).

  3. Flight Training

    The really exciting part! How to get an object made of metal up in the air and bring it back to the ground safely—with you in it! In just 45 hours of flight training you will master the art of flying and navigating through the sky.

We can provide you with all the details that you might need and solve any questions that you may have. And should you decide to join the worldwide family of aviators, then we can help you obtain your PPL