Become a Professional Aviator!

This is our plan on how to help you obtain a Professional Pilot licence in the easiest and most cost-effective way!

With Nemax you can now obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence with an Instrument Rating with a pass in all the Airline Transport Pilot licence theoretical examinations. This is known as ‘frozen’ ATPL which means that as soon as you have the required flight experience, your CPL/IR will be changed into an ATPL.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence Required Steps:

  1. Medical Certificate. The first step is to verify that you meet the Professional Pilot medical requirements. We take care of all the arrangements and assist you all the way through the Class 1 medical examination process.
  2. Initial Theoretical Training. Knowledge is the key to ensuring your safety and the safety of your passengers in the air. Your theoretical training starts with 100 hours of PPL theoretical training and the PPL theoretical examinations
  3. Initial Flight Training. The exciting part begins! This first part of your flight training will cover the entire PPL syllabus with Night Rating.
  4. The Core. The main part of you training will see you cover 650 hours of ATPL theoretical training, complete the ATPL theoretical examinations and complete the necessary flight hours required for the next step
  5. The Finishing Touches. The last part of your training will be all hands-on. In one continuous flow you will complete all the required flight training and checking for your Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating!

Our all-inclusive ‘frozen’ ATPL training package includes ALL of the following:

  1. Class 1 Medical examination
  2. PPL and Night Rating Theoretical training
  3. PPL Theoretical examinations
  4. PPL and Night Rating Flight Training
  5. PPL Skill test examination cost including the aircraft rental
  6. All PPL licence and rating issue fees
  7. ATPL Theoretical training
  8. ATPL Theoretical examinations
  9. Hour-building towards the CPL/IR requirements
  10. All required Multi-engine, Instrument Rating and CPL Flight Training
  11. Multi-engine, Instrument Rating and CPL Skill test examination cost including the aircraft rental
  12. All ME/CPL/IR license and rating issue fees
  13. All handling, landing and parking fees.